Compare any of our kayaks to another in its category, overall we're the lightest.

Our exclusive manufacturing techniques allow us to laminate several layers of polyethylene material to form sheets that are much stronger and lighter than a single layer sheet of the same thickness. Whether you compare us against other TST kayaks, rotomolded or blow molded kayaks, you can clearly see that our standard 10' kayak is hands down the lightest.

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We work hard so you feel secure.

Our R&D department works hard to ensure our standard 10' sit-in hull provides excellent primary stability. Check out how forgiving our kayak is when we emulate someone losing their balance.

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Despite their lightness our kayaks are more resistant to impacts than some of their heavier competitors.

The process we use to join the hull and deck together is how we create an incredibly strong and stiff kayak. By applying extreme heat and pressure, we fuse the two individual pieces into one single piece making it the thickest and strongest part of our boat. As our test shows, we walk away with minimal damage unlike some of our competition.

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Our kayaks can take a beating...

Competitors typically melt ALL the plastic when molding their kayaks. This weakens their plastic’s integrity and causes it to become brittle, and less resistant to damage. We designed our method to exactly prevent this loss of integrity, by only using high heat when fusing the plastic where necessary at the deck and hull. As a result, if dented or compressed, our kayaks pop back more easily into their original shape, still retaining their strength and form. You simply won't believe the abuse they can handle!

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