I didn't get an owner's manual with my boat. How can I get one? 

You can download your owner's manual directly from our website by going directly on your product's page.

Do I need to register my boat with Pelican for my warranty to be valid? 

Getting feedback from our customers is very important to us, so please take the time to register your new boat to double your warranty length and tell us about yourself and what you think of our product. 

I have broken a part on my boat or have hull damage. How can I replace or repair it ? 

You can order replacement parts directly from Pelican at 1 (888) 669-6960. If you have minor hull damage (like a dent) you should remove the between hull drain plug(s) and leave the boat out in the sun for a few hours. The materials used to manufacture the boat has memory, therefore the hull should return to its original shape. If your hull is punctured, it must be welded. Ask your dealer or a plastic welder in your neighbourhood. / 1-800-633-3047

Can I paint my boat? 

No. The paint will not bond with the hull and you will soon see significant flaking.

How do I store my boat? 

Store your boat flat on the ground away from direct sunlight. It is also acceptable to store it upside down. Never hang your boat or store it on sawhorses. If you have been using it in salt water, be sure to rinse the boat out thoroughly.

How do I clean my boat?

RAM-X™ boats have tiny pores that can trap grime, so you should clean your hull a couple of times each season and definitely before putting your boat up for storage. We recommend soft dishwashing soap for best results.

Where can I find the serial number? 

The serial number is on a plastic plate riveted to the boat and starts with "ZEP". On a canoe, it's located in the back on the right side under the gunnel. On a kayak you'll find it on the top behind the seat. On a pedal boat, a jon boat, a bass boat or fishing boat you'll find it on the back, right side under the rubrail.

What motor may I use with my standard type Pelican canoe? 

You may use an electric motor with a maximum of 30 lbs thrust. The motor must be mounted on a motor mount specifically built for your canoe. You may get this canoe motor mount from Pelican by calling 1-888-669-6960.

What is the maximum amperage and voltage to be used with my pre-wired Pelican boat? 

The wire is protected by a 40 amp fuse. We recommend that you always use a battery of 12 volts or less with an amperage inferior to 40 amps. You must never change a fuse for another having more than 32 volts or 40 amps.

What are the rubber rings on the kayak paddles used for? How should they be installed? 

The rubber rings are used as water deflectors. Insert the rings at each end of the poles and slide them toward the paddle. This should reduce the amount of water you get while paddling.

How do I find a part number for my boat if I need a replacement part?

If your boat is a current model, go to the product page and find your product. You will find a link called “Documentation” in the resources section. Click on the link and you will see your boat’s parts. You will need to speak to a customer service representative to validate the part and to order it. If your boat is not a current model, call our customer service department and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

Accessories Care

The best way to clean accessories is to take them apart and rinse them from sand and saltwater deposits with fresh water after each use.