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Pelican THE CATCH 130HD Voluntary Safety Recall

In co-operation with the US Coast Guard

Why has Pelican issued a voluntary safety recall?

It has come to our attention that the rivets used in the rudder assembly may allow water to leak into the hull. To ensure the well-being and enjoyment of our customers, we wanted to institute this fix as rapidly as possible.

1. Are you affected by this recall?

To determine if your product is affected by this voluntary recall, you must locate your product’s serial number (HIN). It is comprised of 12 characters beginning with the letters ZEP and ending with K819, L819, A919, B919, C919, or D919. For the full list of affected serial numbers, click here.

2. Contact Pelican International

Once you have determined that this recall concerns your product you must communicate with Pelican International by telephone (1-888-669-6960 extension 24) or fill out this form.

3. Repair your product

Once you receive your repair kit, please follow these instructions. 

A. Find the affected part at the stern (rear) of your kayak.
B. Locate the four (4) rivets that attach the rudder’s bracket to the hull.
C. Make sure to clean and dry the heads of each rivet
D. Apply 2 drops of adhesive to the inside of the cap.  
E. Apply 2 drops of adhesive inside the hole on one of the rivet’s head.
F. Press the cap onto the rivet firmly and hold for 60 seconds.
G. Allow the adhesive to cure for 48 hours before touching.

Please note:
The cap is used purely for esthetic purposes and it’s adherence to the rivet head is not mandatory. It is the adhesive inside the hole in the rivet’s head that corrects the potential flaw.

Download Detailed Instructions

Video instructions

4. Head back out on the water in confidence!

Feel free to share with us your future adventures!
Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any other questions or concerns.