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Elie STRAIT 120, STRAIT 120XE and STRAIT 140, STRAIT 140XE Voluntary Safety Recall

In co-operation with the US Coast Guard

Why has Pelican issued a voluntary safety recall?

These kayaks could have a weakness in the keel assembly. This weakness could lead to cracks in the hull creating a susceptibility to water infiltration and affecting kayak buoyancy during lengthy excursions. Despite zero accidents having been reported, security is our top priority and we have decided to voluntarily recall all kayaks that could potentially be affected. In order to correct the situation, we have made modifications to the keel that brings together two portions; the keel and the hull. In addition, we have changed the type of insert used, and we have reviewed our assembly methods in order to approve assembly quality, to approve keel shock resistance and to ensure proper sealing.

1. Are you affected by this recall?

To determine if your product is affected by this voluntary recall, you must locate your product’s serial number (HIN). It is comprised of 12 characters beginning with the letters ZEP and ending with D313 to L313, 314, 414, 415, and 515. For the full list of affected serial numbers, click here.

2. Contact Pelican International

Once you have determined that this recall concerns your product you must stop using the product and communicate with Pelican International by telephone (1-888-669-6960 extension 24) or fill out this form.

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