Inspiring a way of life

One of our main goals when making and selling kayaks, paddle boards, canoes and fishing boats is to spread the joy that playing on the water can bring to the average person. Every once and a while we come across some people who believe in the same things that we do. And when we find these people or when they find us, we are proud to partner and support them on their adventures as they create inspirational stories we can share to encourage more people to get out on the water!

Gaby Om

Every great journey begins with a single step. For Gaby her first step into yoga happened in 2013. Since then she has run away with our hearts as she has fully immersed herself into a love of this art. Follow her page and get carried away as well!

Marty Zoffinger

With a strong passion for fishing and life on the water, Marty has achieved what millions dream of doing. Hard work and dedication pay off as Marty shows us all that it is possible to make a living from something you love. Marty, you inspire us!

Skye Burkhardt

... on the water and I love reeling them in and returning these beauties back to their world.

Jeff Cricco

Jeff Cricco likes to share a certain poetic vision of nature and his environment. Lovers of the great outdoors have found someone whose images bring inspiration for their next adventure!