The best and safest method to transport your boat is on a crossbar roof rack (sport rack). The boat should be tied down on each crossbar and the bow and stern should be attached to each end of your vehicle.

Kayak cradles can be added to many roof rack systems to make kayak transportation easier and more secure.


Foam block racks can be used for short distances or lower speed transportation. They should be wide enough for adequate support, as well. Use extra caution with foam blocks as they are not as secure as crossbar racks. Foam blocks also make it essential to tie off the bow and stern of the kayaks directly to the vehicle.


If traveling in wet weather, position the boat upside down if possible. A water-filled boat can be dangerous.

A protective cover should be used if it is not possible to transport the boat in an upside down position.

Periodically check your straps for tightness to ensure that they have not been compromised by the wet weather.


We recommend that you stop shortly after the start of your trip to make sure all fittings and connections are secure. The carrying handles at both ends of your boat help in the transportation of the boat by hand. These handles should not be used to fasten the boat onto a vehicle.

Before setting out, make sure all accessories have been removed and packed into the vehicle to avoid damaging or losing them.