At Pelican, we’re known for caring about our customers, the products we sell and the communities where our products are enjoyed.  Because we create products that encourage our customers to discover and delight in the outdoors, there’s another concern that has consistently been one of our priorities: the environment.

We recognize that every choice we make today impacts every one of us tomorrow, and we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are continuously working to make improvements where we can. Here are some ways we help to shrink our ecological footprint.



Excessive packaging has a tremendous impact on our ecosystem.

While retaining all of the protective properties required of it, we’ve reduced our packaging and use more recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.


We’re committed to minimizing our energy consumption.

Because Pelican is committed to saving energy, we’ve added higher efficiency thermoforming machines to our factory and we redirect the heat released by our ovens during the molding process to heat the factory during the winter months. We have also switched to high-efficiency light bulbs in the offices and factory.


Producing less waste is a crucial step in moving towards sustainability.

We recycle more than 99% of the plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process. In addition, we have a recycling program in place in our offices and factory that goes well beyond paper products. Metals and wood that would otherwise end up in landfill are reworked or recycled.  Furthermore, filtered water and re-usable cups have replaced all of our plastic water dispensers and disposable cups, because every little change makes a big difference.